The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Skype 2013

On Christmas Day (and Mother's Day) LDS Missionaries are allowed to call or skype with their family.

We had such a wonderful time seeing and chatting with our favorite missionary!  John, Dexter, Brillo, Buddy and I headed to California to spend Christmas with my Dad and John.  It was wonderful to have my Dad involved and able to talk with his missionary grandson too!

Same ol' Park

Had to beg him to not make a face

Telling us a story... they know about his Gag Reflex... uh oh! 
I love how you can see Grandpa in the background.

Direct Quote -

I thought I better get this compliment "published"...

"I'm looking through the pictures of the Worthington Christmas, Uhh tell Dex he is looking HAWT. He looks great!" (received in an email from Dex's Brother, Elder Beach)

Apex Zone

North Carolina Raleigh Mission - Apex Zone
There are quite a few Elders and Sisters from Utah in the NCRM and more to come!  Sister Emma Driggs from our Ward will begin serving in March as a Spanish Speaking missionary. Elder Davis, the grandson of a member of our Ward should be arriving soon.  So exciting!!!

Christmas Orange

I LOVE texts and emails from Church Members taking care of my son.  Received this December 20, 2013.

Your sweet sons are here eating dinner with us. We feed them well!
You should be proud of them!
-Lyric Kinard

Lyric Kinard graduated from Jordan High, right here in Utah! She is also an artist.  Check out her website at:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Straight & Narrow

Last week has been the same'ol same'ol. Tracting, and nothing really. I've given 2 blessings in the last 2 weeks. We stopped by an older lady's home, Sister W*. She is pretty funny. She just had surgery, and will be on Dialysis for a very long time. It is very sad. Although, I love being a part of and giving blessings! It is so awesome! We had a lesson finally with our 9 year old investigator. She has been pretty busy during this Holiday season. We taught her Tithing.

 On Thursday night, we had dinner at the Johnson's, who we lived with for a few weeks when I first arrived in North Carolina . I decided to pay them back by sharing the burgers Erin shipped out. So, we cooked dinner for them that night, we had the hot dogs also, man those were so good! I love the Johnson's they are such loving people!

I am loving the packages, I've gotten one from Grandma Worthington, Y'all and the Lakes. They all have fun things in them and some goodies! I'll be sure to take pictures of the one coming.  We just have the little Christmas Tree up and that's about it on the decorating. You know me. I don't like to decorate.

Brother B* is a ward missionary and lives just right down the street from us. So we stop by his house quite a lot. He is big time into straight edge razors.

Yeup, I shaved with a straight edge razor! Didn't cut myself! :) Definitely getting into this stuff when I get home!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Write the Missionaries

What is a Mormon?  Do you want to find out?  Would you like to learn more about our Savior Jesus Christ?  Would you like to hear a Christmas message?  If so,

Please Write Us

Elder Buckner and Elder Beach
205 Hampton Lee Court #1G
Cary, NC 27513

Thanksgiving and more...

I feel like I gained 30 pounds!  4 Thanksgiving Dinners-- 2 on Thanksgiving and 2 the next day.  Brother Mills served us T-Bone Steaks!  He is the sweetest old man.  He said we deserve the best for what we are doing.

I also had dinner with Michael Meyers. Yes. That is REALLY his name. (Scary Bad Dude in the Halloween Movies) Brother Meyers and his In-laws.  His In-Laws actually have a son on a mission and in the same mission as the Gustafson's! Small World!

I'm still freaking out about Emma Driggs being called to NCRM!  We are starting to get some Spanish-speaking sisters in the area now.

We've been playing football on Saturday mornings with the less actives and non-members.  It was 75 degrees here yesterday, it felt so good!

P.S. Being gone during the holidays sucks. Hard not to be homesick.

December 9, 2013
We've been out every day tracting in the pouring rain and hardly anybody lets us in.  If they do we share a message and set up a time to come back the next day and they don't answer the door when all their cars are in the drive way and we can hear them inside... really frustrating.

Merry Christmas Y'All!

This was an intense "Tie Trade" went on for a few hours, actually still is going on..

Wakin' up from studies...