The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gigantor Leg O' Beast

I can't remember the last time I got mail. (address listed to the right)
Yes, I received everyone's postcards, but that was a few weeks ago. I'll be sending them all postcards, I kinda just don't have the money right now to do so. That's an awesome Scuba costume Dex! 

That's great to hear about the Broncos! Too bad about the Falcons ;)

Not gonna lie, made me tear up about James' farewell, especially when he mentioned me.  I was not expecting that at all!  I was wondering if you could possibly get me a couple international stamps so I can still write him!   Elder Buckner was saw me tearing up and was like Elder, What's wrong?  Everything is alright back home right? haha.  Man! I love Elder Bryner!  Hana comes home already in a year!? Man! that flew by!

Yeah, I LOVE Aaron Syrett! He is hilarious, I get along with him so well. 

Oh, also, you should ask Sam Tingey if she has family in N.C. Cause I swear mom, where we had dinner last night, it WAS Sam, her name is Sister Hall.

Ever since my accident, It's been kinda going downhill but we are still teaching our 9 year old investigator. Her father is a member but has been inactive since he was a deacon.  He has been coming to church ever since I’ve been in this area.  He is working to being able to baptize his daughter.  We just taught the Doctrine of Christ last Tuesday to her.  We did a great analogy to help her understand it: You have a clear, see-through cup, and that is our "Faith". We then crumble up Oreos and pour that in the cup, the Oreo is relating to "Sin". Gummy worms are representing "Repentance", because Gummy Worms eat dirt (Oreo). After the Gummy Worms, we put Pudding in.  The Pudding is "Baptism" so then we can't see our sins anymore!  and then finally, we have to "Endure to the End" of the lesson until we can eat our nice snack we just made.

I invite you all to invite your neighbors, friends, family, even strangers to come to church, or even just check out! You don't have to have a name badge to be a missionary! ANYBODY can be a missionary.  It's actually quite simple!  Just invite them to go to, or to come to church with you!  We all have a chance to make a greater difference in someone’s life!

Love ya!

Elder Beach

We went to the largest State Fair on the east coast last preparation day
... you could say I had a blast!

Some acrobats at the Fair

Da whole Mish got together last Saturday.  Elder Zwick and Elder Pino
talked to us for 2 hours!  It was great!
(small worlds continue, Elder Jagger Moore, from Grandma Worthington's ward 
is also in this picture!)

Cotton field on the way home from our meeting on Saturday
 (cotton - cottonwood - almost like home)

Just a couple of months late, but yeah!

A freaky face I made with my bike light in my mouth - Happy Halloween!

It's A Small World After All

Last Saturday night I received a text from an unknown North Carolina number.  It read:
“Elder Beach is sitting in my living room looking at my high school year book and found this…

(Parker’s Uncle Steve Beach, Cottonwood High School Grad 1989)

After a few texts/emails we found out that Elder Beach was visiting Aaron Syrett, who is an alum of Oakwood, Bonneville and Cottonwood High School!  Aaron is currently the Film Commissioner of North Carolina and responsible for attracting such films as The Hunger Games and Iron Man 3 to film in North Carolina. (Aaron didn’t tell me this, I googled him. Yes. I am an internet stalker.)  Aaron Syrett also has a friend that has recently opened a BBQ place in Salt Lake City – Charlotte-Rose's Carolina BBQ – 38 East 1300 South.
Brother Syrett then sent this picture:

What a small world we live in and how blessed we are to have instant communication!  We so appreciate the pictures and what a fun blessing to see your son!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The CT and MRI's came back clean! Nothing wrong!

I wish I could have been at Austin's Homecoming! He's been such a great example to me.

Holy smokes! Next week is James' Farewell! Do you know if he received my letter?  I am so excited for James, and the adventure he is about to embark, (I just used a big word I thought I would never use...) I am so proud of James. He is really a great young man!

Glad to hear Ella and Thomas got my postcards! I thought they were pretty cool!

Jokes, well whenever one of us is going to the bathroom, the other one hides somewhere in the apartment. That's pretty fun! I hid in my suitcase, and he got worried that I ran off! It was pretty great! haha! 

Be on the look-out for this: Brother Syrett, the Film Commissioner for N.C. who went to Oakwood, Bonneville, and Cottonwood, has a friend who is starting up a BBQ place in Salt Lake! You'll have to stop by and let them know that you know Bro. Syrett (Aaron Syrett).  The address is Charlotte-Rose's Carolina BBQ 38 East 1300 South Salt Lake City, Utah.  Brother Syrett is so awesome!  He is hilarious!

Oh, I also found out that one of my co-workers from the theatre moved and lives in Raleigh!

Yeah I'm going on exchanges this Wednesday & Thursday Morning (going to our District Leader's area to see how I am doing).  Exchanges are every six weeks.  I will most likely be in the Cary area until after Christmas.  An Apostle is coming to the NCRM to speak to us on Saturday and and next month Elder Baxter will be here.

I'll send some pics next.

Love ya!

Elder Beach
 North Carolina sunrises on my way to get my MRI and CT Scan

My new planner for next transfer
(Mich, Spencer, Elder Beach, soon to be Elder Bryner and Rexton-Day before Elder Beach entered the MTC)

Monday, October 14, 2013


This week has been great! The new transfers came in this last Tuesday, so I am proud to say that I am no longer the youngest missionary out here! This last Friday, the 10th I believe? We had a Zone Conference, where the whole Zone that I am serving in, meets up.  President & Sister Bernhisel, the A.P.'s and the Zone Leaders all teach us and what not. It was great, but long. It was from 9am-3pm HOLY SMOKES. It was still a lot of fun. Elder Buckner had a lot of friends there and he introduced me to them. They are all hilarious and I hope to be companions with them later! 

Oh, I don't remember exactly the night, but we met Bryan and George.  They're brothers who have lived in the same area all their life. They inherited their parents & Aunt's house. Bryan is a huge History buff.  He loves to collect antiques from the Civil War and pretty much any war. He does Civil War Re-enactments and asked us if we would like to do one! Unfortunately, we cannot. I think that would have been an awesome missionary story, doing an Re-enactment on my mission! Sadly we can't because it is out of our area and they only occur on Saturdays and Sundays. We are going to try to baptize both of them in the next coming months! I cannot wait!

Oh, Annika would like this, there is this statue we pass pretty often, it's kinda scary cause it looks like those Angels in Dr. Who, they have their face down in their hands. I'll have to take a picture of it when we see it again. 

Oh yeah, while we were visiting with Bryan and George, George loves to make CD's. He asked us if we wanted some! So we said sure!, trying to be nice. He went and got us each 2 Christmas CD's... You know how much I love Christmas music. I think this mission has changed me a lot already, cause we have not stopped listening to it since we got it. My all-time favorite song is Carol of the Bells, it gets me pumped! ;)***

There is an awesome song we have on one of Elder Buckner's CD's, one of the lines is "Work through the pain, rain or shine" I love that line. Anyways, that's kinda all for now, I'll send some pictures I took this week. Love Ya!
Elder Beach

Found an Owl in our apartment complex 

 Weird "Graffiti" of Cary, North Carolina
"Summer is Dead Yet Fall Has Not Been Born"

Packets from Taco Bell

 Mah Desk!

 Some more cool graffiti in downtown Cary

 A funny sign I saw while biking this last week

My new Oakley jacket that I got for $40

Got a new P-Day shirt.  Thought I would show it off with my Blue Steel look

 My other shirt!

 Dat Belt Buckle Doe

***Parental Note:
Sadly, and much to our chagrin, Parker detests Christmas music, always has.  We CANNOT wait to meet this completely transformed son of ours!!  Today marks his 2 months serving date... only 22 more months to go!

Monday, October 7, 2013

I am LOOKIN' and FEELIN' Great!!!

Sister Bernhisel sent us a text last night:
Just thought I would let you know that your son has an MRI and CT Scan tomorrow per his neurologist.  He wanted to follow up with more exams.  I texted Elder Beach this evening and asked him how he was doing Here is his response:  "I am doing great!  I feel a lot better. Headaches are not that bad anymore."
So that is good news!  Just thought I would let you know!

Mom BEGGED for the WHOLE Story regarding the bike accident…

We were riding down Harrison, on garbage day. The garbage cans were more on the sidewalk than the road and there was a metal railing on the sidewalk (it's weird) as I was going down the sidewalk, I tried to fit in between the cans and the railing, but my right handle bar hooked on the pole and sent me flying. I did a 180 degree turn in the air landing first on my butt, then my back hit, then my head whip lashed and hit the ground.  That's all I remember... But I am feeling a lot better today!

I got a get well card from Stacey Fabros! I wasn't expecting anything! It made me feel great getting a card from her! I didn't know that she went on a mission!? That's great!

This last Monday, I forgot to tell you last week, that I bought two new "untradeable ties" in my mind. They are Cancer Awareness ties. I love them. One is just Solid black with the little pink loop thing. and the other is different colors of pink and stuff, I like it.

This last Wednesday, we went to Chipotle, my first time there. I'm not a big fan of it. I think because I have just had soooo much Cafe Rio...

I found a quote.  I don’t know where, but I really like it: 

“Pain is temporary, but it is worth the glory that will last forever."

I love that quote it has helped me a lot. Time for a serious thought, Prayer is our way to communicate with our Heavenly Father, and just how you and dad want to speak to me daily, he wants us to speak and tell him how we are doing daily to him as well.

Not to be "prideful" or anything, but Heavenly Father must have something amazing in store for me with all these hardships He is giving me. He is testing my faith for the future things to come! But I will NOT lose Faith! I will NEVER lose Faith! 

I feel like I have been under more radiation in these last few months than any normal person should be in their lifetime!
That's all for now,
Elder Beach

Sometimes on P-Days we are on the computer the same time as Elder Beach and can write back and forth.  Here are a few question/answers:

Were you bored to death when you couldn’t do missionary work?  Has the doctor okay’d you for normal activities yet?
Yeah, it was very hard because I couldn’t do anything and so I would get really homesick! I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday! I read it in a month. : D  umm the doctor said no biking for another week but I am going to start on Wednesday because I feel just fine and know I can do it!

I hope all the letters and packages helped with your homesickness?
Yes the letters and packages have helped a lot! Also, take it easy on the candy, I DO NOT WANT TO GET FAT. I have been sitting around home all day these last few days since I can’t do anything. And we hardly have anytime to eat. but I mean you still can send food :)

I noticed you are wearing sunglasses in some pictures?  You NEVER wear sunglasses?
Ehh I only wore them when I had my bad migraines and the light was killing them...

Oh, before I was injured we would go to the little gym area at our apartment complex. It was terrible. There is a huge wall mirror in front of the treadmills. And I can’t help but smile looking at myself while running because I am so good looking and my form is amazing. Like I wish I could explain how amazing it is. I know. I know. I need to be humble...

And now for some photos...
This is Elder Hewlitt.  He is the A.P. (Assistant to the President) He is Hilarious!

 First Haircut that I have had to pay for! Ever!

I guess you could say I got a little bored... 

 This is my new planner I made last night. Mom... don't cry...

The sky on my way to get more tests this morning.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013



Monday's E-mail did not make us feel any better.  Parker is in a lot of pain and the headaches are intolerable.

So I called the Mission Office and Sister Bernhisel called me back.  They are watching over and taking care of Elder Beach.  Still trying to make a neurologist appointment.  Sister Bernhisel talked to me for a while and made me feel better about the situation but it's still hard.

Sister Johnson posted this picture on Facebook.  It is from the 2nd night they went to the ER (I believe)
When your own kids are gone, you can spend the evening in the ER with someone else's. This young missionary was grateful for his helmet...which is destroyed. Status: bad concussion and is seeing a neurologist today. I'm posting updates for his family and friends back home.

Trish & Scott Johnson are AWESOME!!! I'm so glad they are there and treat Parker so well!  Thank you!!

Doesn't make a Mom feel much better, but other than, "Mom I'm in a lot of pain", it's all we got as far as E-mail on P-Day today.  Poor Elder Parker Beach, I can't imagine how bad it must hurt to cause this kind of destruction with your head! I'm just thankful for the protection you did have. I'm sorry babe!! We all Love you and are sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!!! Take it easy, don't rush your recovery. Let your brain heal, it's had quite a week!

At least he still has his sense of humor...

There is this Jeep that looks like it ran into a pole or something, so, you know me. Had to take some pictures... 
Can we just say that this was how i got my Concussion? 
" I saw a dog in the middle of the road and dove in front of this jeep to save the puppy" ;)

So THAT'S the story and we're sticking to it!