The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The CT and MRI's came back clean! Nothing wrong!

I wish I could have been at Austin's Homecoming! He's been such a great example to me.

Holy smokes! Next week is James' Farewell! Do you know if he received my letter?  I am so excited for James, and the adventure he is about to embark, (I just used a big word I thought I would never use...) I am so proud of James. He is really a great young man!

Glad to hear Ella and Thomas got my postcards! I thought they were pretty cool!

Jokes, well whenever one of us is going to the bathroom, the other one hides somewhere in the apartment. That's pretty fun! I hid in my suitcase, and he got worried that I ran off! It was pretty great! haha! 

Be on the look-out for this: Brother Syrett, the Film Commissioner for N.C. who went to Oakwood, Bonneville, and Cottonwood, has a friend who is starting up a BBQ place in Salt Lake! You'll have to stop by and let them know that you know Bro. Syrett (Aaron Syrett).  The address is Charlotte-Rose's Carolina BBQ 38 East 1300 South Salt Lake City, Utah.  Brother Syrett is so awesome!  He is hilarious!

Oh, I also found out that one of my co-workers from the theatre moved and lives in Raleigh!

Yeah I'm going on exchanges this Wednesday & Thursday Morning (going to our District Leader's area to see how I am doing).  Exchanges are every six weeks.  I will most likely be in the Cary area until after Christmas.  An Apostle is coming to the NCRM to speak to us on Saturday and and next month Elder Baxter will be here.

I'll send some pics next.

Love ya!

Elder Beach
 North Carolina sunrises on my way to get my MRI and CT Scan

My new planner for next transfer
(Mich, Spencer, Elder Beach, soon to be Elder Bryner and Rexton-Day before Elder Beach entered the MTC)

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