The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good and Bad Week - Letter August 24, 2013

Dear Mom,

This week has been good and bad.  The majority of this week I have been sick physically and mentally.  I have thrown up a lot this past week and have been having pain around my appendix.  I have also felt very homesick.  It is hard for me to concentrate on what I am doing because of all the pain I have been going through.  I can really feel the devil trying to get me to not go on this mission, but he cannot stop me, my heart, mind and strength is in this mission.  I know that if I go home, I will not only get a hard time from some people, I will regret it and beat myself up inside for not enduring these small trials I am going through.  I am going to finish strong.  So when it comes to Judgement day, I can say I did my best.

I cannot wait to get out to North Carolina.  I am so excited!

Elder Beach

P.S.  I just realized, I'll be in North Carolina by the time you get this!

Here is me and my companion, Elder Holmes.

From Momma Beach

Well, Saturday evening, August 24, Dexter (Parker's younger brother) was hanging out with a friend and called around 9:15pm for a ride home .  He called from his friend's phone so I didn't recognize the number.  John left to go pick up Dex.  Then, my phone rang again, another number I didn't recognize...
"Hi Mom!"
"Hi..."  (thinking Dex had forgotten something)
"So, I'm calling from the ER."
"I'm okay, nothing is wrong. I've been throwing up after almost every meal, so the MTC doctor sent me to the hospital.  They did a cat scan, took my blood and did all kinds of lab work and they can't find anything."

Now, you'd think that would freak a mother out, but I have been blessed with a calm and peace since that big, white envelope with Parker's mission call arrived at our home in April.  I KNOW that Parker is just fine.

Since the doctors cannot figure out what is going on, I told Elder Beach, let's just have faith in what they said!  Faith that you will be fine and not have anymore problems, or at least none that will deter you from your mission!

True faith brings miracles, visions, dreams, healings, and all the gifts of God that he gives to his Saints. By faith one obtains a remission of sins and eventually is able to dwell in God’s presence. A lack of faith leads one to despair, which comes because of iniquity. ~Moroni 10:22

I asked, how long do you have to talk? about 7 minutes... shoot!  Your Dad is picking up Dexter, so we chatted for a little bit more and I asked lots of questions.

Parker had a few small world moments in the MTC... first seeing and visiting with Will Anderl brought him some peace so that he didn't feel all alone in the MTC, saw 2 other Elders that he knows from high school, had a sister missionary, Sister Reist?, in his zone that is in the same ward in Bountiful as Sue & Steve Lake (Tammy Tran's sister) and another missionary in his zone is cousins with Nick Neria, who Parker went to high school with and will also be serving in the Raleigh mission !!

How much time do you have left? 1 minute.... Oh! Your Dad and Dex just pulled in the driveway.

I ran out to the garage and threw the phone at them.  I said, it's Parker, just talk to him, I'll tell you what happened later. So we all had a quick chat with Elder Beach... it was wonderful!!!

Photos added: Sept 9, 2013
Looks like Elder Beach had a great time while in the hospital... nothing to worry about except take some pictures for Mom!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

First and Last P-Day at the MTC--August 21, 2013

Wednesday - FINALLY P-DAY!!
We finally received an E-mail from Elder Beach on Wednesday morning and were able to E-Mail back and forth for a while, while he was doing laundry.  So this is a compilatoin of those messages.  He really is doing great and having a good time, eating lots, missing all of us and so excited to fly to North Carolina on Monday!!!
E-MAILS from Elder Beach:
I can only write to you guys on my P-Day. That’s why you haven't really heard from me. Uhh, all is well I guess. Umm I think I may have found a solution to my little appendix problems when I get that super sharp pain around it. 
One of my teachers who is like 23 I’m guessing, had the exact same pain on his mission as well and went to the doctors.  The Dr. found out it was Chronic Appendicitus. SO the next day I went to the doctor to try to figure it out. The doctor did not listen to me at all. He had me do some blood work and as usual it came back negative for everything.  Just as my teachers did. So I don’t really know what to do…
He had that pain while he was at the doctors, luckily.  There is no exact time of when you know when the pain will come.
I really want to figure out what the heck is wrong with my appendix.  I want to get it figured out here so then it doesn’t cause a problem in NC. I just don’t want to be sent home for surgery and then to recover and then have to say good bye to everyone again. It is just frustrating because the Dr. here is not cooperating with me.
Congrats on the call as the YW counselor BTW!
These past few days have been both so fun but so hard as well. At times I wish that I could just come home.
I have an hour on the computer and yes I do get the DearElder letters daily. They check the mail twice, after lunch and after dinner.  Can you send me pictures with letters, as well, to hang up in my room?
The first day I bought 80 envelopes and 20 stamps, and so now I have around 150 envelopes and 30 stamps! 
So Monday we are getting up at 3:30 AM, taking our luggage to the travel building, and then we get our tickets and then I believe we head to the airport.   We go through the usual airport stuff, and then we are flying to Detroit first at around 7:30, and arrive around noon, I believe and then from Detroit to Raleigh is about another 3 hours! So we'll get there around 3:00ish I believe.
Man this hour is going by so fast. I think me and Elder Holmes are going to get off in 6 minutes. So then we can get back on later tonight and give everyone a chance to reply to our emails.
One last thing, I finally found Will [Anderl] and talked to him for a bit! I felt so alone because everyone in my district has seen their friends and other people they know. I finally saw him while doing laundry and so we talked for a bit! I didn’t get a chance to see Steve [Haglund], I guess he was moved to the West Campus, and then left yesterday for Mexico! I’m just glad I know that Will IS at the MTC I am at and that I know someone personally and not just my companion.
Will's Mom writes: Here is the photo of Parker and Will at the MTC.   Will just woke up from a nap on Prep Day.  Parker looks like an official handsome!

August 19, 2013

Dear Mom & Dad,

This is the hardest thing I have ever done.  I never thought being away from you guys for so long could impact me like this.  I am having a really hard time adjusting here.  I don't get to email until Wednesday.  I just don't know if I can do this.  I keep asking God for comfort & to understand the gospel.

We started teaching an "investigator" the other day and prepared a lesson on who Heavenly Father is.  I set up this great lesson and when it comes time to teach, my mind goes blank from all the pressure.  It's just hard for me because I am trying my best, and praying for the Spirit to be there and to help me teach.

Other than the classes, I am having such a great time here!  I have yet to see Steve (Haglund) or Will (Anderl).  I feel as if when I see them I will feel more comforted & not so alone.

I feel like I am getting fat already.  We have a choice between 3 Entrees and I always choose all 3.  I haven't been running in a while also, so that is kind of sad but anyways it is very fun here, meeting so many new people from different places around the world.

I love you guys.  Give some love to Brillo and Buddy for me!


Elder Beach

Saturday, August 17, 2013

MTC Day - Wednesday, August 14, 2013

After the Worthington cousins said their goodbyes 
we loaded the car and headed to Happy Valley!
First Stop - Provo Temple 

Best Brothers! - They are going to miss each other - LOTS!!

Mom knew "Resistance is Futile" so she didn't even wear make up.

John reminds me so much of his Dad in this picture - Miss you Gary Beach!  
I know he was watching us.

Good Looking Beach brothers that don't look a thing alike! 

 These next two pictures are for any missionary mothers out there looking for a glimpse of their son.  The missionary on the right looks like he's photobombing but he was trying to quickly get out of the way... I LOVE his GQ pose! hee hee!

And now off to get some Eats!  
Chuck-A-Rama and Sizzler give 
New Missionaries a free meal on Wednesdays!!  
(Thanks Spencer Tautaiolefue for this great tip!)

Again, resistance is futile... One last BEAN DIP!!!

1.bean dip

To flick a  man's breast with the index finger.
Dubbed "bean dip" because the move is similar to that of scooping up bean dip.
 I'm gonna miss that devilish smile!

 Brother Hug

And now retaliation for the One Last Bean Dip!
Yes, we have a submissive missionary, he never would have let this happen at home.

"The best way to do something painful, that has to be done, is to do is quickly"
So just like a band-aid, we pulled up to the curb, 
hopped out, got his luggage, 
gave one last fast hug, took a picture...

and he's off!
God Speed Elder Beach!!!
See you in TWO!!

#132 Days til Christmas and we get to hear his voice!

We heard rumors that 900 New Missionaries entered the MTC on August 14, 2013 and this graphic came out today... 75,000 Missionaries Serving.  Exciting Times!!!
This is a GREAT time to be a missionary!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mission Farewell Open House - August 11, 2013

Today is the big day... FAREWELL in Sacrament meeting - 1:00pm.
Parker gave an amazing talk and so many people commented on how much his has grown.  I totally agree!  It was awesome seeing your son filled with the Spirit!

When we turned on some church music Sunday morning, this was the first song... Called to Serve!  
Very fitting!

 And even more fitting... the next song was for me, Momma Beach.

Even after numerous reminders to have a "photographer" in charge of taking pics, half way through the open house, I remembered... TAKE PICTURES!!!

Lots of friends stopped by and didn't eat nearly enough food!  Seriously, I really overdid it! 

 Logan, Heber, Anthony, Shelbi & Spencer

Delicious North Carolina Pulled Pork prepared by Parker Birkeland!  YUM-O!

Salads and fruit GALORE!

Jake, Elder Beach, Alyssa, Preston & Jasmine 

Elder Beach being... Elder Beach! 

 Haglund & Anderl Families - each with a son in the MTC right now!!
Elder Haglund will be serving in the Mexico, Villerhosa Mission and Elder Anderl in the Italy, Rome Mission!!  So exciting!
OH!!!... and the desserts... Mmmmm!  Thank you Ward friends!!!

Hi Ethan!  I told you this was a great pic!

Some of the Worthington Crew - Annika Carson, Erin Worthington Carson and Keith Worthington

 Grandma Beach, Kimberly Croft Navratil, Paula Croft, Martin Navratil, Mike & Kristen Beach and Haley Beach
Cute Ashley, posin' in the kitchen!

Keith, Layla and Corban Worthington

Work friends... and Jake! 
Alyssa, Preston, Elder Beach and Jasmine

(James will be serving in the South Africa, Johannesburg Mission beginning in October)

BEACH's - Kristen, Parker, Mike, Lucas and Keegan

Beach Boy Cousins... minus Aaron - Elder Beach, Lucas and Keegan

Steven L Beach Family - Steve, Haley, Ashley & Aaron

Grandma Beach!

When we were cleaning up we noticed the sun... so very RED, this picture doesn't do it justice.  There was a fire and it caused the sun to shine red and cast a red glow on the mountain to the east of our home.

 Clean Up, Clean Up, Everyone, Everywhere!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!  I love my Family!!