The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Monday, October 27, 2014

P Day = Preparation Day Video

Thanks again Heidi Chapman!  You always make the best missionary videos!

You can catch Elder Beach at 2:26 and 2:32, along with Elder Buckner!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20, 2014

I actually just received an email from Elder Rawlings.  One of the investigators that we found and started to teach is getting baptized next week!  I am so excited and glad to hear that he is finally getting baptized!  

Enduring to the End
Since I like to run, I see Enduring to the End like I see running.  In order to gain our fullest potential we must, Endure to the End.  Unfortunately it is not all easy.  In Cross Country, you have to run a 5K. In order to be successful you have to set a comfortable and steady race, you don't want to go too fast in the beginning and hit a wall in the middle but you also don't want to go too slow and miss the opportunity you would have had if you went your "perfect" pace.  Now, it takes a lot of practice to build "endurance" to get that perfect pace, but as we practice to be better, we run into obstacles on our path, a fallen branch, you twist your ankle, you trip and fall. Because of those obstacles you get off the path and lose your pace. Enduring is all about getting back up and continuing to try your hardest.

Elder Buckner (my trainer) goes home in 2 days!  He is seriously like the older brother I never had.  I love that kid! or MAN, I guess I should say.

My District (notice our matching ties)
Elder Mood, Elder Burrell, Sister McDonald, Elder McDonald, Elder Abney, Sister Abney, me, Elder Steingraber (District leader). 
Front row: Sister Golden, Sister Arave, Sister Smith and Sister Jones.
I came out with Elder Steingraber and Sister Smith! It's a fun District!

How Is Your Scripture Reading Going?

It really is not easy to stay in the boat in the time that we are living in today. But our Heavenly Father knew hard times would come so he gave us resources to help us stay in the boat like scriptures and praying! Things will get shaky, but we will always be able to ride through the storm.

The choice is OURS. It's what we make of the hard things we go through.

Some Early Halloween Fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014 Email Correspondence

Well, we went to the Temple this last Friday and had Zone Training on Wednesday.  I put the Ridgeways on the prayer roll.  Because of those two events, it was a really slow week to do missionary work.  It's about an hour and a half drive to Zone Training so that took all day Wednesday.  Then it is a 2 hour drive to the Temple.  So that took all day Friday.

We met again with our investigator, he is really on board to be baptized.  He just has to ask his parents permission.  After that it's all downhill from there.

We didn't have a chance to do any service this week.  Which is sad, I like doing service because it gives me an opportunity to get into shorts.;)

We were stuck at the church a few times due to the pouring rain, and did not want to walk home in the rain in our suits.

I don't really remember what I've had to eat this week. We did have tacos on Wednesday though.

New apartment is nice and big.  Well bigger than the tiny one in Fayetteville.  I'll send pics next week.

We as a District wore our District ties to Zone Conference, and everyone got a kick out of that.

(Mom sends matching ties for each new companionship… apparently I really liked this certain tie because I had already sent it.  Elder Beach suggested that if I send one more of the same tie, he would have enough for his District – Win! Win!)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 6, 2014

This week went pretty good. We found a new investigator from a Recent-Convert. He seems very solid and wants to be baptized really bad. He comes to church with his friend, all the time, and has recognized that there is a different spirit when coming to the LDS church than going to any other. We asked him to pray about the Book of Mormon and to pray what day he thinks he should be baptized. 

General Conference is just a few hours away! Who are you looking forward to hearing from?

This Conference was really great! I really enjoyed all the talks. I liked D. Todd Christofferson's and Elder Holland’s, of course. I was starting to worry that Elder Bednar wasn't going to speak at all cause I love him too. In the chapel, when they announced he would be the second to last speaker, I said in a loud voice, " It's about time! I was starting to worry!" It was pretty much just the missionaries in the chapel and a few members and they all turned around and started laughing. 

Oh, I don't know if I told you. We had a pre-screening of Meet the Mormons. One of the Sisters in the mission, her Dad was the Director. It is really good! Brought tears to my eyes. I don't know if I like this mission thing… It's makin’ me soft.

We sometimes have to make small sacrifices now in this life to bring big blessings for our future. (Like Flu Shots)
(Elder Beach and his brother actually got their shots the very same day and we didn't realize it until we saw this pic---aaaah special brother bond!)

As we read the scriptures and listen to our Modern Day Prophet's with all our heart and mind, the Lord will help us understand how we can live up to our fullest potential.

"Have I done any good in the world today?" Random acts of kindness go a long way! You don't have to do something big, just by saying "Hello" or "Good Afternoon" to someone can change their whole outlook on the day!

Thank You for the Rain!

Awesome Missionary Momma's put together awesome videos of our most favorite missionaries - Enjoy! You may recognize someone at 1:20