The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 27, 2014 - E-mail

The computer is not reading my memory card...So no pictures again.... Sorry. My birthday was great, as you know I spent it with Chris and Dom, we all had dinner at the Schleigh house, they are my favorite family here. Sister Schleigh reminds me of you and then Sister Black, her best friend, reminds me of Heather. It's funny cause I'd say they live the same distance apart as you and Heather do. How is Heather doing? What have they all been up to? 

Memorial Day was great! We were able to go to the Airborne Museum in downtown Fayetteville. It was pretty neat. There are a lot more "wars" and "battles" than I thought there was.

Yes, I have been praying for the package as well. Dominiic and Chris feel really bad. I know it'll turn out sooner or later. So no need to worry about it. It's in God's hands, If it wasn't supposed to get to me, then it wasn't. Maybe someone else needed it?

Ahh, man that is so sad to hear about the Forsey's dog!

(Referring to the previous post of a fellow Missionary Momma taking Elder Beach's picture)  Yes, The whole time her son was saying the exact same thing I would be saying to you if you were taking a missionaries picture. It was funny, I'm like don't worry, I went through this too, she took pictures of little kids in puddles.* (Just kidding I didn't say that part)
Ahh man, I really hope Brillo doesn't move on before I get home! I miss him so much! I wish I could just lay on the Brillo infested floor with him and scratch his belly! (Brillo is a shedder)
But this last week was great, we had our baptism on Saturday, It was a pretty powerful service! I love being a missionary and seeing how real the Atonement really is! Seeing people change their lives! We have an investigator right now, who did pretty much everything you could think of that is against the law. He's had a really rough past, and is now on his way to being baptized next month. He just has to finish quitting smoking. He maybe had a pack a day and is now down to smoking half a cigarette a day now!

It is super tough here because EVERYONE SMOKES HERE. I'm just glad I'm not in Washington State or Colorado where it is legal to smoke marijuana. That would be pretty tough.

That's All Folks!

Elder Beach

*In Momma Beach's defense, it was the most adorable thing I have ever seen!  I was waiting at a stop light and it was raining.  A mother, in high heels and a skirt, had her toddler son with her and they were jumping in puddles together.  She didn't care that she was dressed up, she was making memories with her son and I took a picture.   Seriously, it was so touching! 

Jena Salazar is my Hero! (Momma Beach)

After learning that Elder Beach hadn't received is Birthday Package, Momma and Poppa Beach were devastated.

Always a little emotional on Sundays and after hearing news of a friends' dog being hit by a car just outside the church (he survived), Momma Beach pulled the car into the garage and noticed that she had been tagged in a Facebook post and burst into tears!

Jena Salazar, made this Missionary Momma’s week!!!

  • Elder Beach at church today. Since his package didn't get to him in time for his birthday on Friday, I thought a picture of him would soothe his Mommas broken heart!
    — with Tasha Worthington Beach.
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    • Tasha Worthington Beach Oh my Gosh!!!Jena!!! I love you!!! Thank you! Thank you! I just burst into tears!!! This mends my broken heart!!!!
    • Katrina Bryner This is such a great picture!! Love the tie:) thank you Jena for doing this for my friend. It means so much!!! Elder Beach is in my ward and he grew up with my son!
    • Jena Mendoza Salazar My family was leaving church after our block and I saw three Elders together greeting people as thy entered the Chapel for the other ward. I told my husband, "I have to see if they are Elder Beach". My husband, looking confused, followed along. I walked up and said "Are one of you Elder Beach?" Before they said a word, I saw his name tag, I saw which one was Elder Beach, and then I recognized him from his picture. I told him that I know his Momma from the MM FB page. I asked him if he received his birthday package, which he said he hadn't  I wished him a happy birthday and asked him if I could take his picture. He said, "sure". I said, "Oh, your Momma is going to be so happy to see you" and he said, "I'm sure". There were also sister missionaries standing near by and I heard them say that their moms were on MM. I was so excited to see Elder Beach that I didn't think to get their picture too. He looked great and happy. After my 17 year old, soon to be missionary, said to me, "Mother you're so weird" hahaha I love it 
    • Tasha Worthington Beach Please tell your 17 year old you are THE Coolest!!! All MM's are!!! So glad I said something and SO glad you checked!! This is truly a tender mercy!! Heavenly Father knew I needed this. Thank you so much!!!
    • Tasha Worthington Beach Also, just to let you sounds, Elder Beach would have been telling me I'm so weird if he was home but now I think he understands! Embrace the weird!
    • Jena Mendoza Salazar When we got home I hugged my son and told him that I hope other "weird moms" did the same for me when he becomes a missionary. He just smirked and said, "yeah" 
    • Tasha Worthington Beach And when that weird Mom takes his pic when he's on his mission he will totally understand!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Short and Sweet

Everything is going great!  I HAVE MY FIRST BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY! :D I am so excited for it! We have 6 total Baptismal Dates! One this Saturday, 3 on June 14th, one on the 21st and one on July 12th! I am so happy!

Dad, I saw the picture of you and DaVien.  What the heck kind of shirt are you wearing?  I could not see you wearing that!  That's funny, you do look like PitBull.
Pit Bull? What do you think?
I've decided what I want to do when I get home, not school wise, but home wise. I want to live at home for a long time.  I want to fix it up even more when I get back.  Like when I get back to start working on the backyard.  Build a new patio with brick, get a fire pit, build or buy a gazebo, redo the grass so there's not those dead spots.  I'm hoping to maybe actually buy it from you later on :) (Momma Beach only posts this for future reference when she wants to get the backyard fixed up)

That's great about Dex! Glad to know he is having a great time in High School! I'm sure he will love being the Jr. Boys ASC! What exactly will he be doing? (E. Beach’s Brother was elected to a Class Office at his school)

I don't really have much to talk about this week.  I can't believe it is my birthday either! I'm turning 19! Doesn't feel right!

I hope everything is going great back home.  Love ya!

Elder Beach

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

9 Month Anniversary and Mother's Day Skype!

Today, May 14, 2014 marks Elder Beach's Nine Month mark!

or 274 days, or 39 weeks, or 6,552 hours, or 393,120 minutes or  23,587,200 seconds.  I really haven’t been counting, just like to see it once in a while (thank you google).  I hasn’t started had a count-down calendar and the time has FLOWN by, so I don’t think I want to start one… yet.  ~Momma Beach

Oh!  The many faces of our favorite missionary!  Boy! Do we love and miss his cute face but know he is where he is suppose to be right now and loving it!

Bones! for Dexter! 

Just had to share my phone background - it makes me smile every time I pick up my phone!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Trio - Week 1

Howdy - The first week of the trio! 
It was so much fun!  This next transfer is going to be so much fun!  I cannot wait!  We have a baptism on the 24th!  The day after my birthday, and that is actually Elder McHan's birthday!  So we are going to PARTY IT UP! haha.  Elder McHan is from a small town in Idaho called Gooding.  What's with me and my companions being from small towns?? First Cedar Hills, then Tooele, now Gooding.
Anywho this last week was pretty amazing.  We were surprised by a call Thursday night from our Zone Leaders telling us to be up at Knightdale by 1:45 Saturday afternoon.  We later found out that ELDER NEIL L. ANDERSON will be speaking to us!  

When we found that out we were all so excited!  Being in the presence of an Apostle! Along with him were 2 Seventies and an Area Authority, Elder Pieper, Elder Martinez and Elder Parker.  We were lucky to hear from all of them!  Elder Anderson is so funny!
Also before I forget what time are we going to Skype next week! Can you believe it is already time for that again?  Time is just flying by!
Hope to hear from you soon! Love ya!

Elder Beach