The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jena Salazar is my Hero! (Momma Beach)

After learning that Elder Beach hadn't received is Birthday Package, Momma and Poppa Beach were devastated.

Always a little emotional on Sundays and after hearing news of a friends' dog being hit by a car just outside the church (he survived), Momma Beach pulled the car into the garage and noticed that she had been tagged in a Facebook post and burst into tears!

Jena Salazar, made this Missionary Momma’s week!!!

  • Elder Beach at church today. Since his package didn't get to him in time for his birthday on Friday, I thought a picture of him would soothe his Mommas broken heart!
    — with Tasha Worthington Beach.
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    • Tasha Worthington Beach Oh my Gosh!!!Jena!!! I love you!!! Thank you! Thank you! I just burst into tears!!! This mends my broken heart!!!!
    • Katrina Bryner This is such a great picture!! Love the tie:) thank you Jena for doing this for my friend. It means so much!!! Elder Beach is in my ward and he grew up with my son!
    • Jena Mendoza Salazar My family was leaving church after our block and I saw three Elders together greeting people as thy entered the Chapel for the other ward. I told my husband, "I have to see if they are Elder Beach". My husband, looking confused, followed along. I walked up and said "Are one of you Elder Beach?" Before they said a word, I saw his name tag, I saw which one was Elder Beach, and then I recognized him from his picture. I told him that I know his Momma from the MM FB page. I asked him if he received his birthday package, which he said he hadn't  I wished him a happy birthday and asked him if I could take his picture. He said, "sure". I said, "Oh, your Momma is going to be so happy to see you" and he said, "I'm sure". There were also sister missionaries standing near by and I heard them say that their moms were on MM. I was so excited to see Elder Beach that I didn't think to get their picture too. He looked great and happy. After my 17 year old, soon to be missionary, said to me, "Mother you're so weird" hahaha I love it 
    • Tasha Worthington Beach Please tell your 17 year old you are THE Coolest!!! All MM's are!!! So glad I said something and SO glad you checked!! This is truly a tender mercy!! Heavenly Father knew I needed this. Thank you so much!!!
    • Tasha Worthington Beach Also, just to let you sounds, Elder Beach would have been telling me I'm so weird if he was home but now I think he understands! Embrace the weird!
    • Jena Mendoza Salazar When we got home I hugged my son and told him that I hope other "weird moms" did the same for me when he becomes a missionary. He just smirked and said, "yeah" 
    • Tasha Worthington Beach And when that weird Mom takes his pic when he's on his mission he will totally understand!!

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