The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

9 Month Anniversary and Mother's Day Skype!

Today, May 14, 2014 marks Elder Beach's Nine Month mark!

or 274 days, or 39 weeks, or 6,552 hours, or 393,120 minutes or  23,587,200 seconds.  I really haven’t been counting, just like to see it once in a while (thank you google).  I hasn’t started had a count-down calendar and the time has FLOWN by, so I don’t think I want to start one… yet.  ~Momma Beach

Oh!  The many faces of our favorite missionary!  Boy! Do we love and miss his cute face but know he is where he is suppose to be right now and loving it!

Bones! for Dexter! 

Just had to share my phone background - it makes me smile every time I pick up my phone!

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