The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Good almost afternoon!
I've noticed something this past week.  Our choices - When a tough choice is placed before us, there are two ways to deal with it:  Nephi's way and the Children of Israel when being lead out of Egypt's way.
The Children of Israel had it pretty easy.  Miracles were happening all around them and they were still moping around complaining how hard it was.  After all that Moses does for them they still just complain.
Nephi didn't have it so easy.  When he was commanded to build a boat, his brother's were giving him a hard time.  Hurting him, making him feel like he can't do it.  But Nephi stuck it out.  He knew that Heavenly Father does not give us any choices that we cannot handle! He stuck it out and was able to perform a miracle himself, he was able to build a ship and sail across the sea to the Promise Land. 
So hopefully we all will take every hard choice, every hard thing that we have to go through, Nephi's way.
I don't really know much about my new Ward because it was Stake Conference yesterday and Saturday.  It was pretty great seeing other missionaries there.  YSA ward is good.   Members are a lot of fun! They are mostly super young since it is a Marine Base.  I really love it here.
Yes I am super relaxed now! I feel like I sleep a lot better! We actually went to the mall last Monday, I didn't spend a penny in the mall!!! I was so proud of myself. 
Mich is already leaving!?  Holy Smokes.  Time just flies!  Anything else new in the 801?

Elder Beach

We all have fears. Some may be bigger than others. For me, it's spiders. Especially spiders in North Carolina... But we need to face our fears! To defeat our fears we have to go through it and not run away. (But I most definitely did in this case)

My best friend turns 17 tomorrow. Dexter is my brother, believe it or not, we have the same parents. Even though we are complete opposites I love him so much! He has been such a great example to everyone around him, including me. He is the perfect example of loving everyone and just being himself! I love you Dex! Have a great birthday!

"Have we not reason to be filled with gratitude, regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves?" There is always a brighter side to things. Even in our darkest times. We need to be thankful, because someone, somewhere, has it worse. So count the small victories and forget about the losses.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Things Only Mormon Missionaries Will Understand

Things Only Mormon Missionaries Will Understand

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Goodbye Fayetteville - Hello JACKSONVILLE!!

The Carolina Beaches, minus Rex who was in bed for school.

Elder Jensen (District Leader) and Elder Kallas - Best Missionaries!

Elders Buckner and Kilbourne... Kilborne went home last Tuesday.

Elder Knight - I love this man.  He is so great!

Oscar and the Reinhardt's - a senior couple serving in the ward.

Last District Photo before I got transferred.

REUNITED!... and it feels so GOOD!!
Elder Buckner returns home in one month :(

Monday, September 8, 2014

Since Momma Beach received an awesome photo yesterday (posted below) and since Elder Beach is preparing to be transferred, I'll let it slide that this was the email I received this morning:

Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 11:14:24 -0400


Yep.  That was it!  Elder Beach's brother went to Salt Lake Comic Con and here's the proof:

Now on to the really cool missionary stuff!  Received this Sunday from Sister Salazar.  Her family prepared Cafe Rio for Elder Beach!  She is awesome!!

Saw Elder Rawlings and Elder Beach from the Fayetteville 1st ward at church today. Elder Beach said he was going to be transferred this Tuesday. He's a fine young man and a great missionary. He will be missed! 
Love the matching ties?  I send each new companionship a set of matching ties.

We are so grateful for members and Missionary Momma's that are watching out for our Son and spreading the love with pictures and food.  Thank you so much!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Just another week...


I don't really have anything to talk about from this last week. It was just a regular week. Trying to find, and teach. Could you also send some more easy recipes? Love ya!

No I am not getting transferred. Sleeping a lot better.

Well this last week we met Joe. He is the neighbor of someone we are already teaching. We stopped by his place because no one was home at the place we wanted to go to. So we did what we call "Principle Proximity Knocks" where we just knock a few doors in the area before leaving. And we found him. He actually lived in Salt Lake City a while back. He said he took a tour of Temple Square. Said he really enjoyed it. And he loves how we are all very nice. We are meeting with him tomorrow to teach him the Restoration. Hopefully that goes well!

Time is really going fast for me too! I cannot believe I've already been companions with Elder Rawlings for two transfers now. We have finally finished his "training" from the 12 Week Program Booklet that we train out of. I cannot believe that I've been out for how long I have been out for now. It feels like it was yesterday I got my call, reading it when I just barely got back from St. George. Time is a very crazy thing!
I am so jealous about the Comic Con again! I really wish I could go! Oh, Well, I've got more important things to do right now. I hope you have fun and stay safe! Love you!


Elder Beach