The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mission Farewell Open House - August 11, 2013

Today is the big day... FAREWELL in Sacrament meeting - 1:00pm.
Parker gave an amazing talk and so many people commented on how much his has grown.  I totally agree!  It was awesome seeing your son filled with the Spirit!

When we turned on some church music Sunday morning, this was the first song... Called to Serve!  
Very fitting!

 And even more fitting... the next song was for me, Momma Beach.

Even after numerous reminders to have a "photographer" in charge of taking pics, half way through the open house, I remembered... TAKE PICTURES!!!

Lots of friends stopped by and didn't eat nearly enough food!  Seriously, I really overdid it! 

 Logan, Heber, Anthony, Shelbi & Spencer

Delicious North Carolina Pulled Pork prepared by Parker Birkeland!  YUM-O!

Salads and fruit GALORE!

Jake, Elder Beach, Alyssa, Preston & Jasmine 

Elder Beach being... Elder Beach! 

 Haglund & Anderl Families - each with a son in the MTC right now!!
Elder Haglund will be serving in the Mexico, Villerhosa Mission and Elder Anderl in the Italy, Rome Mission!!  So exciting!
OH!!!... and the desserts... Mmmmm!  Thank you Ward friends!!!

Hi Ethan!  I told you this was a great pic!

Some of the Worthington Crew - Annika Carson, Erin Worthington Carson and Keith Worthington

 Grandma Beach, Kimberly Croft Navratil, Paula Croft, Martin Navratil, Mike & Kristen Beach and Haley Beach
Cute Ashley, posin' in the kitchen!

Keith, Layla and Corban Worthington

Work friends... and Jake! 
Alyssa, Preston, Elder Beach and Jasmine

(James will be serving in the South Africa, Johannesburg Mission beginning in October)

BEACH's - Kristen, Parker, Mike, Lucas and Keegan

Beach Boy Cousins... minus Aaron - Elder Beach, Lucas and Keegan

Steven L Beach Family - Steve, Haley, Ashley & Aaron

Grandma Beach!

When we were cleaning up we noticed the sun... so very RED, this picture doesn't do it justice.  There was a fire and it caused the sun to shine red and cast a red glow on the mountain to the east of our home.

 Clean Up, Clean Up, Everyone, Everywhere!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!  I love my Family!!

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