The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Monday, October 7, 2013

I am LOOKIN' and FEELIN' Great!!!

Sister Bernhisel sent us a text last night:
Just thought I would let you know that your son has an MRI and CT Scan tomorrow per his neurologist.  He wanted to follow up with more exams.  I texted Elder Beach this evening and asked him how he was doing Here is his response:  "I am doing great!  I feel a lot better. Headaches are not that bad anymore."
So that is good news!  Just thought I would let you know!

Mom BEGGED for the WHOLE Story regarding the bike accident…

We were riding down Harrison, on garbage day. The garbage cans were more on the sidewalk than the road and there was a metal railing on the sidewalk (it's weird) as I was going down the sidewalk, I tried to fit in between the cans and the railing, but my right handle bar hooked on the pole and sent me flying. I did a 180 degree turn in the air landing first on my butt, then my back hit, then my head whip lashed and hit the ground.  That's all I remember... But I am feeling a lot better today!

I got a get well card from Stacey Fabros! I wasn't expecting anything! It made me feel great getting a card from her! I didn't know that she went on a mission!? That's great!

This last Monday, I forgot to tell you last week, that I bought two new "untradeable ties" in my mind. They are Cancer Awareness ties. I love them. One is just Solid black with the little pink loop thing. and the other is different colors of pink and stuff, I like it.

This last Wednesday, we went to Chipotle, my first time there. I'm not a big fan of it. I think because I have just had soooo much Cafe Rio...

I found a quote.  I don’t know where, but I really like it: 

“Pain is temporary, but it is worth the glory that will last forever."

I love that quote it has helped me a lot. Time for a serious thought, Prayer is our way to communicate with our Heavenly Father, and just how you and dad want to speak to me daily, he wants us to speak and tell him how we are doing daily to him as well.

Not to be "prideful" or anything, but Heavenly Father must have something amazing in store for me with all these hardships He is giving me. He is testing my faith for the future things to come! But I will NOT lose Faith! I will NEVER lose Faith! 

I feel like I have been under more radiation in these last few months than any normal person should be in their lifetime!
That's all for now,
Elder Beach

Sometimes on P-Days we are on the computer the same time as Elder Beach and can write back and forth.  Here are a few question/answers:

Were you bored to death when you couldn’t do missionary work?  Has the doctor okay’d you for normal activities yet?
Yeah, it was very hard because I couldn’t do anything and so I would get really homesick! I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday! I read it in a month. : D  umm the doctor said no biking for another week but I am going to start on Wednesday because I feel just fine and know I can do it!

I hope all the letters and packages helped with your homesickness?
Yes the letters and packages have helped a lot! Also, take it easy on the candy, I DO NOT WANT TO GET FAT. I have been sitting around home all day these last few days since I can’t do anything. And we hardly have anytime to eat. but I mean you still can send food :)

I noticed you are wearing sunglasses in some pictures?  You NEVER wear sunglasses?
Ehh I only wore them when I had my bad migraines and the light was killing them...

Oh, before I was injured we would go to the little gym area at our apartment complex. It was terrible. There is a huge wall mirror in front of the treadmills. And I can’t help but smile looking at myself while running because I am so good looking and my form is amazing. Like I wish I could explain how amazing it is. I know. I know. I need to be humble...

And now for some photos...
This is Elder Hewlitt.  He is the A.P. (Assistant to the President) He is Hilarious!

 First Haircut that I have had to pay for! Ever!

I guess you could say I got a little bored... 

 This is my new planner I made last night. Mom... don't cry...

The sky on my way to get more tests this morning.

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