The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gigantor Leg O' Beast

I can't remember the last time I got mail. (address listed to the right)
Yes, I received everyone's postcards, but that was a few weeks ago. I'll be sending them all postcards, I kinda just don't have the money right now to do so. That's an awesome Scuba costume Dex! 

That's great to hear about the Broncos! Too bad about the Falcons ;)

Not gonna lie, made me tear up about James' farewell, especially when he mentioned me.  I was not expecting that at all!  I was wondering if you could possibly get me a couple international stamps so I can still write him!   Elder Buckner was saw me tearing up and was like Elder, What's wrong?  Everything is alright back home right? haha.  Man! I love Elder Bryner!  Hana comes home already in a year!? Man! that flew by!

Yeah, I LOVE Aaron Syrett! He is hilarious, I get along with him so well. 

Oh, also, you should ask Sam Tingey if she has family in N.C. Cause I swear mom, where we had dinner last night, it WAS Sam, her name is Sister Hall.

Ever since my accident, It's been kinda going downhill but we are still teaching our 9 year old investigator. Her father is a member but has been inactive since he was a deacon.  He has been coming to church ever since I’ve been in this area.  He is working to being able to baptize his daughter.  We just taught the Doctrine of Christ last Tuesday to her.  We did a great analogy to help her understand it: You have a clear, see-through cup, and that is our "Faith". We then crumble up Oreos and pour that in the cup, the Oreo is relating to "Sin". Gummy worms are representing "Repentance", because Gummy Worms eat dirt (Oreo). After the Gummy Worms, we put Pudding in.  The Pudding is "Baptism" so then we can't see our sins anymore!  and then finally, we have to "Endure to the End" of the lesson until we can eat our nice snack we just made.

I invite you all to invite your neighbors, friends, family, even strangers to come to church, or even just check out! You don't have to have a name badge to be a missionary! ANYBODY can be a missionary.  It's actually quite simple!  Just invite them to go to, or to come to church with you!  We all have a chance to make a greater difference in someone’s life!

Love ya!

Elder Beach

We went to the largest State Fair on the east coast last preparation day
... you could say I had a blast!

Some acrobats at the Fair

Da whole Mish got together last Saturday.  Elder Zwick and Elder Pino
talked to us for 2 hours!  It was great!
(small worlds continue, Elder Jagger Moore, from Grandma Worthington's ward 
is also in this picture!)

Cotton field on the way home from our meeting on Saturday
 (cotton - cottonwood - almost like home)

Just a couple of months late, but yeah!

A freaky face I made with my bike light in my mouth - Happy Halloween!

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