The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Straight & Narrow

Last week has been the same'ol same'ol. Tracting, and nothing really. I've given 2 blessings in the last 2 weeks. We stopped by an older lady's home, Sister W*. She is pretty funny. She just had surgery, and will be on Dialysis for a very long time. It is very sad. Although, I love being a part of and giving blessings! It is so awesome! We had a lesson finally with our 9 year old investigator. She has been pretty busy during this Holiday season. We taught her Tithing.

 On Thursday night, we had dinner at the Johnson's, who we lived with for a few weeks when I first arrived in North Carolina . I decided to pay them back by sharing the burgers Erin shipped out. So, we cooked dinner for them that night, we had the hot dogs also, man those were so good! I love the Johnson's they are such loving people!

I am loving the packages, I've gotten one from Grandma Worthington, Y'all and the Lakes. They all have fun things in them and some goodies! I'll be sure to take pictures of the one coming.  We just have the little Christmas Tree up and that's about it on the decorating. You know me. I don't like to decorate.

Brother B* is a ward missionary and lives just right down the street from us. So we stop by his house quite a lot. He is big time into straight edge razors.

Yeup, I shaved with a straight edge razor! Didn't cut myself! :) Definitely getting into this stuff when I get home!

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