The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Friday, January 31, 2014

Oh Happy Day!!!

Last Friday, the doorbell rang, so I answered it.  The lady standing at the door said, "You don't know me but I'm Patti Maxwell, I live in North Carolina and I know your son!!!"  Oh my goodness!  It was so kind and thoughtful for Sister Maxwell to stop by the house!  Her parents actually live just down the street from our Stake Center.  So we HAD to take some pics.
I am amazed at the blessings and tender mercies and angels that Heavenly Father sends us!  Thank you! Thank you Thank you!!  She even fit in her luggage some much needed clothes (another crash) and a Valentine's goody bag for Elder Beach.  Thank You Thank You Thank You ever so much Sister Maxwell!  You will always be in our hearts!!!

Dex was in his car about to drive away, luckily Sister Maxwell stopped him!

Thankfully she loves pooches!

E-Mail from Elder Beach after seeing these pictures:
Yes, Sister Maxwell is awesome! She is pretty funny! Thank you! I need new slacks, bad. I need a new belt as well. haha.
Yes, I know I will be very sad as well when I have to transfer, because the members here are so fun! But it's okay! I'll continue to meet the wonderful people of North Carolina! Yeah that's #4 or 5[bike accident]. I don't remember... He [Elder Buckner] hasn't had a very bad crash here.
Well last Monday for preparation day we played basketball from 8:00-4:00! We played with the priests and some teachers in our ward and their friends, then we played with the other missionaries in our district.
Tuesday we had another lesson with Jessica and Trevor. It went great! Brother Meisner came along with us. We answered some of the questions she had and talked about the Book of Mormon more, then we watched "The Restoration" DVD. That also answered a lot of the questions she had.
Wednesday Nothing really happened. Just a lot of closed doors.
Thursday A whole lot of nothing really happened. I did vomit a few times, yes I was sick.
Friday We had Zone Conference. I was very sick in the middle of it and vomited...again.
I may or may not have fallen asleep during our break at Zone Conference

Saturday We visited a less active ward missionary.  Bro. Brame, It is very sad because the only thing holding him back from church is a ride.  He doesn't have enough gas money to pay for the ride all the way down to the church and back.  So we try to stop by and leave a spiritual message with him once a week.
Sunday, Had church, we taught Priest Quorum and kinda threw down on them about missionary work.  I told them with the new age change, serving a mission will come a lot quicker than they think, it sure did for me.  I told them how I regret not going to Sunday School and Seminary, and told them to take these things seriously.  It wasn't until I was out here that I figured out that these programs are here to help us!  They may be boring but it will help us in the end!  I let the things of the world get to me, like football, phones, etc. and because of that I didn't have an eye for the eternal things, the knowledge that I will gain of this Gospel and the friendships I will make at church.  So yeah, it was a pretty good lesson!  Had a lot of fun!
Today is going great! It's 65 degrees! It feels so great! Elder Buckner and I were just outside throwin’ the ball! But tomorrow it's supposed to snow... again! But I don't mind that because everyone goes crazy, so we will be "forced" to stay indoors.
That's all for now, I'll send some pictures now.
Love ya,

Elder Beach

Thought this was funny!  Saw it last night driving home from dinner. 

Elder Beach and Elder Buckner

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  1. Great Email Elder Beach. I'm so proud of you and Elder Bryner for serving the lord!! You are learning and growing so much!