The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Monday, June 9, 2014

Technical Difficulties

 Sorry it's been so long for pictures. Been having technical issues...

So a member made us Kilts... They are very comfy!

 I don't know if they are Scottish but the Sister wanted to make some kilts and asked us if we wanted some and we of course said SURE!

Me, Elder McHan and Elder Vaterlaus

On Memorial Day we had the privilege to go to the Airborne & Special Operations Museum.  
All these flags are for fallen soldiers fighting for our freedom.

just a random flag with a soldier’s name on it. 

My District Plus the Zone Leaders, Elder Betker and Elder Packard

I will be staying in Fayetteville.
Chris and Dominiic are getting married on June 28 but I will not be able to attend the wedding since it is out of my area.

Oh, last night I had Ox tails for dinner. They are pretty good!  It looks just like meat but with bone in the middle. It is really good. 

Oh I have a picture of me throwing up a few weeks ago from having a pizza eating contest with Elder McHan...I ate 7 he ate 8 [slices]. I have a video of it. 

7 Huge Domino's pieces/slices. I still regret eating that much.  Elder McHan didn't throw up.  We showed the picture to an investigator last night and he said it looked like I threw up a kidney as well, since so much came out! haha

I gotta go now.  Love ya!  Have a great week!

Elder Beach

The next picture is not for those with a weak stomach.  

Here's your chance to exit.   

You have been warned.

If you chose to proceed and view the photo it will, hopefully, give you a chuckle because 
Momma Beach CANNOT stop laughing.

quite the action shot wouldn't you say?

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