The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I just got done with a service project choppin’ down a tree, it was so fun!  I became squirrel boy and was climbing through the branches and tying the rope to the big branches so we could pull them as they start to fall.  It was so much fun! I love doing that kind of stuff!  

So on New Years Eve, we did another service project for the church. I had to climb to the top of the flag pole in front of our church and get the flag down cause the pulley system got messed up.  So we got a really, really tall ladder and up I went!

Here are some pictures!  It was so much fun!  I love service!
Elder Abney (senior couple), my comp - Elder Lindley from Wellsville, UT and me up top!

How was your Christmas and New Year's?  Everything went great!  I did get sick on the 26th though :(

I made a "pact", I guess you could say, with one of my investigators. I quit eating candy and sweets and sugars and drinking soda for however long it takes him to stop smoking, to give him that motivation.  Man it is hard!  I can't imagine giving up smoking!

I have a new career idea/goal. Life Flight Paramedic! I think it would be really awesome.  I already love helping people, so what better than to do that for my career!

uhhh let's see what else is new.....Oh =( The baptism didn't happen last night.  He failed to mention to his parents that he was getting baptized.  His parents aren't against him getting baptized, they just want to know a little bit about the church. So hopefully we can teach them too :D I think that is all for this week... I'll send more pictures.

More pictures of the Flag Pole Adventure! :D It was such a blast! I really love heights. It made me miss rock climbing so much... oh well 7 more months!

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