The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Email July 7, 2K14

My second Hurricane?  This one didn't even effect us.  And they only gets worse from here on out!  We got caught in the rain biking.  That was pretty fun.  Got pretty soaked.
Man! I cannot believe everyone that is coming home!  Time just flies by!  It's going to be a crazy year next year for returning missionaries, Jentry, Hunter, Steven, me, James! ** Just in like a few months!  It's about time Spencer and Mich got their papers in!  I'm not saying it will happen again, but if one of them got called here.  That would be crazy! Even more crazy if I train them or something!  haha. 
Sounds like a crazy 4th of July Week!  I sure miss y'all!  Wish I could hang out with Dex right now!  I got the mini care package.  I'm going to have to send back the BYU Vocal Point CD, because it has "Apostate" songs on there.  Really.  I could only listen to "I Stand All Amazed" haha 
Oh, I'll send pictures, but I am actually a pretty good cook!  We barely get fed here and so I've been experimenting with things!  Most of them turn out pretty good! Elder Rawlings is a good cook too!
This week we found 3 new investigators.  Hopefully they are "solid" most of them that we find just accept a return appointment to be nice..
That's all for this week I think... I'll send pictures now

**Elder Beach forgot about all the Sister Missionaries from our ward that will be returning in the next few months:  Sister Kenedi Ayre, Sister Jenni Forsey, Sister Hana Tautaiolefue and Sister Kimmi Forsey and Rachel Whitmer.  Then, coming home the same month as Elder Beach will be Sister Amanda Ayre. Followed by then Sister Emma Driggs.  Our Ward is truly blessed to have so many missionaries!

Oh yeah. Had some fun at one of our investigators' garage.

Some Alfredo Broccoli Chicken I cooked up! It was so good!

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