The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Missionary Spring Break 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014
2nd Area: Fayetteville, NC
3rd Companion:  Elder Vaterlaus from Arizona

So...I forgot my camera... I had it on my desk ready to go for when we leave, but I still forgot it... Hate it when that happens....

I am loving this new area!  I get along with the new Elders in this area very well and I love the members here.  They welcomed me so nicely. They are all so fun to be around!  I love being around the military too... I don't know why.  Maybe this will either make me continue to want to be in the military or to not be in it.  I love working with the military.  They are so kind and humble.

Umm so the area is TOTALLY different from Cary.  In Cary I would feel confident in leaving my bike outside, I don't feel confident having it outside for 5 minutes.  When I was in Cary I felt super spoiled since I was in my first area for 7 and a half months and made so many friends!  Coming to this area they already had 4 baptismal dates and one of them is super solid.

Elder V. is hilarious!  I love him, uhh what else?  I've found that I have a lot more courage and faith to talk to the people here than I did in Cary.  I just am like, hey lets go to this house and then BAM! we did and got a pretty solid contact from it.  The lady told us to call back in 2 weeks.  She has a co-worker who is LDS and said she will talk to her and ask her questions and what not.

I am so excited to be in this area, not only cause my uncle is here, but it is a new fresh start!  I am loving it here so far!  It's raining pretty bad here right now.  Which reminds me, I WANT A HURRICANE to happen here while I am here!  It would be so fun. Uh yeah...

Dinner went great!  They loved the chicken!  Dominiic was surprised that I could cook.  I love messing around with her and giving her a hard time.  Always commenting on “Beach things” that we do and she will have to get used to it.  But I was giving her a hard time cause she is still learning how to cook and told her I will continue to cook for them if she gets baptized.  We only go over about twice a week to teach them. We have a member with us sometimes too.

Anywho... This last week was great!  We had a Zone Training Conference on Wednesday, I got to see some old friends from the other Zones in the past. Then of course we had General Conference this weekend!  I LOVE General Conference.  It's funny how things change when being on a mission.  Back home I thought it was so boring!  But being on a mission now!  I love it!  I really loved all of President Uchtdorf’s!  and Elder Neilson's!  Oh, we called this last week Spring Break 2014 for the missionaries cause we had General Conference and then we have Monday, Preparation day, and then Tuesday tomorrow we have Zone Activity Conference. I am so excited for that. Tomorrow we will be getting up early to drive to Wilmington, we will be lectured by President Bernhisel for a bit and then have lunch, and then for the rest of the day play ultimate frisbee, soccer, Capture the Flag, Volley Ball and some other sports!  I am pretty stoked for that!  And yeah that was pretty much the week. 

Sorry again about the pictures… I most likely will not be able to get on tomorrow.  So Happy Birthday! I love you so much!  Hope everything is going well back home!

Love, Elder Beach

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