The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Sunday, September 1, 2013

More from Momma Beach

Okay, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, that a wise Mom of 3 missionaries told me... 

TELL ALL YOUR MISSIONARY MOM FRIENDS---send your Missionary a phone so they can call you from the airport and during their travels.  Now here's why... we have so MANY missionaries right now! Can you imagine them all trying to use the few pay phones still left in the airports?  

Problems with airport payphones:  1. Finding a pay phone, 2. Finding money to call, 3. feeling guilty they are taking up all the time because there are 10 other missionaries waiting to use the phone too, 4. Can't talk, walk and find my connecting gate all at the same time, and 5. what if they pay phone doesn't work well. (this happened to a friend of mine, her missionary could not hear his family on the other end, the call ended with the Mom in tears because her boy couldn't hear through the crappy pay phone)

So, problem solved.  Go to Wal-Mart and purchase a Tracfone. Ours was $14.88.  There are cheaper ones and more expensive ones.  If you have a missionary going foreign, see if they have a disposable phone for international calls.

and don't forget the minutes... 

with the phone I purchased, it automatically doubled the minutes, so the 120 turned into 240!  I didn't mind having that many minutes on the phone because I wanted other missionaries to be able to borrow the phone and talk to their Momma's too.  The word must have gotten out, because Parker's companion's family sent him a phone too!

Now.  With that leaked...

Elder Beach's travels began at 3:30 am, Monday morning, so we are quite glad we didn't make telephone connections until around 6:00 am.

He sounds SO good! I think it lifted all of our spirits to hear Parker so excited for his mission!!! He said, "Mom!! I'm going to North Carolina?!  I said, Yes, I know, that's why I've been crying since October. Elder Beach said, "No.  I'm REALLY going!"  ha! ha!  He said he was traveling with 25 missionaries... Wow! even more WOWZA! when Elder Beach says they are ALL going to North Carolina!!!  That number was just uncomprehendable to John since that was a whole Zone back in John's missionary days!

Once Elder Beach arrived in Detroit he called again, with just a one hour layover, he was chatting as they were walking to their next gate, I hear him say: They have a POPEYE'S!!!
I told him, he's gonna see a lot more of those where he's going! 

 Here a pretty pic from the Detroit airport:

By the time Parker and his Dad were able to connect, Parker was already on the plane, so it was off to Raleigh, North Carolina!


I loved hearing that!!  Love you Elder Beach!!  We hope you have a P-Day soon so we can hear ALL about everything else!!!

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