The Field Is White

The Field Is White
Doctrine & Covenants 4:4

Friday, September 27, 2013

So... Let's Say I Got In A Really Really Bad Crash...

We wanted to fill you in about Parker's bike accident.  We heard about a bike crash in his Monday E-mail and then a pretty major one on Wednesday.  This is the E-mail exchange we had on Wednesday:  Elder Beach -  Mom

From Elder Beach
Subject: Fun Story…Not Really
So lets say i got in a really really bad crash, broke my helmet, possibly have a concussion. And i really need some money for a new Helmet, what are the chances you could send me some money tomorrow for a new one. Everything is alright I believe. Adrenaline is still going on after the crash. But i will keep you updated. I was thinking. What if this turns into a Nicholas Sparks movie. I'm out here on my mission and get in a bad crash and i completely forget who Tammy Tran is. All our memories gone. It's sad, but it made me laugh since i am in NORTH CAROLINA, home of Nicholas Sparks.
HONEY!!! no, not funny!  BE CAREFUL!!!  Sounds like you might need a day off to rest. Concussions can really screw you up.  At least you still remember my email and tammy's first and last name Emoji
There should be money in your Deseret First account for a new helmet.  You still have your debit card, right?
Other than your helmet, is everything intact?  Is this a different crash than the crash I read about on Monday?  We better get you several new slacks.  Did some others get ruined? What is causing these accidents?  Talk to me son!
Everything is fine. I did mess up my suit pants. This just barely happened like 10 minutes ago. I'm going to call the Presidents wife and tell her what happened and tell her i want to make sure everything is alright in my head...
Smart thinking!  Your head is working right so far, but I think it's a very good idea to get checked out.  What happened?
Everything is fine. My bike was the first thing i checked. Then Elder Buckner pointed out my shirt and my helmet and belt and pants. Everything is good!
Can't talk right now. I'll explain more on Monday. Gots to be obedient! If anything happens, I'm sure they'll let me call you. Sorry to kinda make you freaked out. Don't freak though. I am fine. The Lord is watching over me, I know he is. Because i know for a fact that if i was not wearing that helmet. I would be dead. Sorry that's not good to end on. But everything is fine. I'm probably going to the hospital in a few hours. I'll keep in touch.
Oh Honey!  You worry me and make me laugh!  I love you!  Talk to you on Monday!
His Mission President called us last night and WE MISSED THE CALL, so we had to wait all night (because it was too late to call him back).  I just got off the phone with him.
Parker is okay.  Went to the ER after the Wednesday crash, had a CT scan, negative for any concussion or problems.  Thursday he starting getting a headache and neck pain so they sent him back to ER, still negative for head trauma but prescribed 800 mg of motrin.  President called this morning and said no headache today but still a little neck pain.  They don't want to mess around with this, so trying to get him into a neurologist today.  President Bernhisel is a biker and played football in high school and has had a concussion before.  He is also a physician so we trust him to know Parker is getting all the right care he needs.

Elder Beach will be resting this weekend and off his bike for a couple of weeks.  That's all we know.  All we can do is pray for him!  Please don't worry, we are trying not to, too. Trust in the Lord!  All is Well!

Love you!

Tasha and John

P.S.  I had to Google Nicholas Sparks - I didn't realize he is the author of The Notebook, Message In a Bottle, Dear John, A Walk To Remember, The Last Song and many other amazing novels.  How Parker knew? I don't know?

Sweet Sister Johnson, the Ward Member Elder Beach lived with posted this on my facebook page today:
This must be so difficult from far away. He and his companion are being picked up and 

taken to homes for dinners until they get a car. We told the boys we'd pick them up and let 

them rest at our house if they want some company. I'll make sure they have rides to dinner 

until the situation improves. I'll message you anytime there is a change. Thank heavens for 

helmets...his was destroyed!

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